Love. Pain. Happiness. Loneliness. Joy. Isolation. Hope. Fear.

These are the moments that make a life. These moments are fleeting and precious, even the bad ones. This is my photographic exploration of these feelings in my own life, and how growing up living in extreme circumstances has impacted how I feel things as an adult. This series is a creative outlet to resolve parts of my past and present, and a means of expressing myself as an introverted person who sometimes struggles to connect with people.
I invite people to see how my secular experiences have shaped the way I see the world, one chapter at a time.

My brothers were both diagnosed with non-verbal autism when they were 18-months-old. My Mum was a single parent and I was nearly four. From that moment on I was no longer just the boys' sister; I was their carer too. For years we've battled to give them a good education at home, and it's been worth it. They're happy and they know they're loved. But in the midst of that there was me and Mum. Mum was single for over a decade. I developed depression at the age of 13. The first part of this series acts as many things; a visual language for my brothers who have no voice, a representation of mine and my Mum's feelings, chaotic, desperately sad, desperately hopeful, exhausted, full of fear and love for people who are some of the most vulnerable in society.

The rest of this project is about my Dad. When my Dad left, I stepped up in his place to help look after my brothers. Although I don't regret this, over the years it took it's toll on my mental health. As I became a teenager I struggled being around people my own age as I felt I couldn't relate to them. This social anxiety defined a huge part of my adolescence; I became increasingly isolated, unable to connect to people in my own age group. I was angry at my Dad for many years for this, it has only been through open communication that we have been able to start to mend our relationship. These images portray my sense of longing; to be ordinary, to fit in, to connect with people my own age and reconcile my feelings toward my Dad.

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